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  • Does the ElderCheck Now app have ongoing subscription fees?

    No.  After purchasing the application for both the elder’s device and the caregiver’s device, there are no further costs involved.  Send as many check-ins or status updates as you want! 

  • Does both the elder and the caregiver have to download the ElderCheck Now app?

    Yes. The reason for this is so we could create the most simplified experience possible between caregivers and their designated elders. The ElderCheck Now® app will only communicate from one ElderCheck Now to another.  

  • What do I need to get started with the ElderCheck Now app?

    Both the caregiver and their elder need to purchase and download the latest version of the ElderCheck Now app from App Store®. It will run on IOS® 9.x and Watch OS® 2.x on the following Apple® devices:

    • iPhone 6S+
    • iPhone 6S
    • iPhone 6+
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5S
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone 4S
    • Apple Watch®

    The ElderCheck Now® app is currently not available on other mobile operating systems at this time.  

  • Can I use ElderCheck Now app only with iPhone®?

    Yes. Check-ins will include location data only. Heart rate data will only be transmitted if the Elder is wearing a paired and configured Apple Watch®.

  • Will ElderCheck Now automatically load onto Apple Watch?

    Yes-as long as Apple Watch® has been appropriately paired with iPhone®. The location of the ElderCheck Now® app icon can be adjusted through Apple Watch menu.

  • On which device do I setup The ElderCheck Now app?

    Setup ElderCheck Now® app on iPhone®. The ElderCheckNow app cannot be configured on Apple Watch®

  • Can the ElderCheck Now app work on Apple Watch if it is not paired with iPhone?

    No. The ElderCheck Now® app will only work on appropriately paired devices.

  • How many past check-ins will the “history” menu store?

    100 on iPhone®. 10 on Apple Watch®.

  • How secure are my transmitted check-ins?

    When designing the ElderCheck Now® app, the development team worked side-by-side with physicians and legal support to create the most simplified, secure application we possibly could. To protect the check-in data, we have used the following:

    • Processes that decouple elder personal identifying information from heart rate and location data
    • Encryption routines
    • Password protection
    • Unique identifiers

    Although the internet will never be 100% secure, the developers of the ElderCheck Now app take your security 100% seriously. We have done our best to maximize security of your information.