• A Smarter Way to Age in Place

    On-demand, patented fall detection technology on your Apple Watch

  • First-of-its-Kind Smart Fall Detection…in an App

    Identifies high- vs. low-impact falls and summons appropriate assistance

  • A Friendly Voice Ready to Help

    Offers 24/7 Central Monitoring staffed by emergency medical dispatchers* *Requires subscription

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Upgrade to Central Monitoring for HALF the price of most PERS devices!

Breakthrough Smart Fall Detection Designed to Empower Active Lifestyles.

Smart, Simple and Safe.

Not every fall requires medical help, yet standard fall detection systems often trigger emergency alerts whenever a fall is detected. FallCall Detect's breakthrough technology distinguishes between falls with greater force that are more likely to cause injury and falls that occur from a sitting position. If a high-impact fall is detected, FallCall’s U.S.-based medical monitoring service is automatically contacted* and will send emergency services if needed. If a low-impact fall is detected, only a user’s pre-designated support community is contacted.

The Right Help When You Need It.

Easily keep up to 5 Caregivers “in the loop” and receive important assistance when an event occurs. With smart fall detection activated, our Central Monitoring staffed by certified emergency dispatchers will be there to ensure everyone stays connected when help is needed.

On-Demand Smart Fall Detection That You Can Personalize

FallCall Detect was built with you in mind.  Toggle fall detection on and off by tapping on the icon when you feel you need it. Also, although false activations have been minimized through extensive testing, they still may happen depending on your lifestyle. You can adjust fall detection sensitivity and even turn off Low Fall Detection directly on your wrist.

Critical emergency updates are available instantly.*

FallCall® Detect helps Caregivers to better provide help by providing Elder GPS location and heart rate information, in addition to the Elder's battery status, pairing and Central Monitoring subscription status updates.

"Hey Siri…I need my family!"

What if someone can’t reach the button on their wrist or on their phone? Voice activation has come to personal emergency response systems. Using Siri Shortcuts, you can choose any phrase in any language to contact your Care Group or Central Monitoring via Apple Watch, iPhone or Homepod.

FallCall® Detect… a Personal Emergency Assistant in evolution.

The future of FallCall® will evolve as technology evolves. Features on the horizon: "Smart" fall detection, personalized fall detection through machine learning, and fall prediction risk alerts using deep learning. It's time to innovate Personal Emergency Response Systems and bring a new level of peace of mind!

*Subscription required.