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  • Where did the name “FallCall Solutions” come from?

    It is estimated that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will suffer a fall event at some point in their life. We named the company “FallCall Solutions” to emphasize the need for simplified and seamless communication in the event of a fall. It is our goal to develop these means of communication for both urgent and non-urgent situations in order to maximize independence and peace of mind of elders and their caregivers.

  • What products do you make?

    We design software applications i.e. apps for smartphone and wearable devices already widely used by the caregiver population. Our first product, ElderCheck Now® is a simplified communication application for elders and their caregivers (family, friends, visiting nurses) for use in non-emergent situations. It will be available for download online in late February/Early March. Future products are currently in development pending future release. Monitor our progress by following us on Facebook or signing up for email updates on our website.

  • Who are the founders of “FallCall Solutions,LLC?”

    We are two physicians with over 17 combined years in emergency medicine and trauma surgery. Our experiences with patients and families during some of their most vulnerable moments has fostered a unique insight into the priorities and challenges of caring for our aging population. We bring this perspective to every aspect of our software development to ensure a simplified, secure and user-centered experience for both elders and caregivers.

  • What is “FallCall Solutions,LLC”?

    FallCall Solutions, LLC is a company that was conceptualized by the founding physicians in response to a variety of observations:

    • Mobile technology is becoming more accessible to all age groups and is being used as our primary means of communicating between loved ones with increasing frequency
    • There are increasing numbers of geriatric trauma patients presenting to hospitals across the nation. Many of these patients report delays in communicating with those that can help them in both emergent and non- emergent situations.

    To address these, we wanted to build a company that would create simplified technologic relationships between elders and their caregivers on widely adopted mobile ecosystems. “FallCall Solutions, LLC” was the result.