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Smarter Fall Detection-on your wrist.

Breakthrough Smart Fall Detection Designed to Empower Active Lifestyles.

Smart, Simple and Safe.

Not every fall requires medical help, yet standard fall detection systems often trigger emergency alerts whenever a fall is detected. FallCall Detect's breakthrough technology distinguishes between falls with greater force that are more likely to cause injury and falls that occur from a sitting position. If a high-impact fall is detected, FallCall’s U.S.-based medical monitoring service is automatically contacted* and will send emergency services if needed. If a low-impact fall is detected, only a user’s pre-designated support community is contacted.

The Right Help When You Need It.

Easily keep up to 5 Caregivers “in the loop” and receive important assistance when an event occurs. With smart fall detection activated, our Central Monitoring staffed by certified emergency dispatchers will be there to ensure everyone stays connected when help is needed.