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  • What is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)?

    PERS have existed for approximately 4 decades and have provided users with a streamlined ability to contact Help in the event of an emergency. Many systems connect to Central Monitoring centers that provide 24 hour/7 days a week services to respond when a Call for Help is received. These systems typically feature a single button that initiates the call to the monitoring service. More advanced features such as GPS location, fall detection, and geo-fencing are currently becoming more popular.

  • Does FallCall™ Lite contact 9-1-1?

    Not directly. FallCall Lite does not contact 9-1-1 directly and is not a replacement for 9-1-1. FallCall Lite uses a subscription Central Monitoring service staffed by Emergency Medical Dispatchers who are able to assess the situation and contact 9-1-1 if necessary. Additionally, the Central Monitoring system will send out real-time event notifications to all paired Caregivers during the event and will contact Caregivers via telephone as directed.

  • Does FallCall­™ Lite automatically detect falls?

    Not at this time. We are currently developing the technology and anticipate that it will be released in the future along with machine learning capabilities.

  • What do I need to get started with FallCall™ Lite?

    Both Caregivers and their Elder need to download the FallCall Lite application (app) from the Apple App Store®. It will run on iPhones® running IOS® 10+ and on Apple Watch® running Watch OS® 4+.

    FallCall™ Lite is currently not available on other mobile operating systems at this time.

  • Does both the Elder and the Caregiver have to download the FallCall™ Lite app?

    Yes. We wanted to create the most simplified experience possible between Caregivers and their designated Elders. FallCall™ Lite will only communicate from one FallCall™ Lite to another.

  • Can I use FallCall™ Lite strictly as an iPhone® app?

    Yes. Check-ins will include location data only. Heart rate data will only be transmitted if the Elder is wearing an appropriately configured Apple Watch®.

  • Will FallCall™ Lite automatically load onto my Apple Watch?

    Yes-As long as the Apple Watch® has been appropriately paired with an Apple iPhone® device. The location of the FallCall™ Lite icon can be adjusted through the Apple Watch® menu.

  • On which device do I setup FallCall™ Lite: Apple Watch® or iPhone?

    iPhone®. It can’t be configured on the Apple Watch®.

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    Who initiates pairing: Caregivers or Elders?

    Both. Pairing can be initiated by Elders OR Caregivers. See tutorial for more information.

  • Can Elders pair with multiple Caregivers?

    Yes. FallCall™ Lite allows a single Elder to pair with up to five Caregivers.

  • Can Caregivers pair with multiple different Elders?

    Not at this time. A single Caregiver can only monitor one Elder. We anticipate that this will be an upcoming feature.

  • How secure are transmitted “Calls for Help”?

    When designing FallCall™ Lite, the development team worked side-by-side with physicians, legal, our HIPAA compliant server team, and the Central Monitor integration team to ensure that all transmissions to Caregivers and the Central Monitor system are secured with the latest security protocols. As a HIPAA-compliant company, we have built a culture around security through employee training, regular auditing of server data, and server monitoring. To protect identifying data, we have used the following:

    -Encryption routines

    -Password protection


    -Unique identifiers

    Although the internet will never be 100% secure, the developers of FallCall Lite take your security 100% seriously. We have done our best to maximize the security of your information.

  • Can FallCall™ Lite work on an Apple Watch® that is not paired with an iPhone?

    No. FallCall™ Lite will only work on appropriately paired devices.

  • Can an Elder send Help Calls if their Apple Watch® or iPhone® is not connected to Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi or a cellular network?

    No. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular connections are necessary to send Help Calls. If an Elder travels to an area that does not have access to any of these connections, their Apple Watch and/or iPhone will show the message “Connection Not Active.”

  • Can Elders and Caregivers communicate from Apple Watch® when their paired iPhone® is powered off?

    Not recommended. Apple Watch and iPhone must both be powered on, charged to a battery level>20% and be connected to each other via either Bluetooth, Wifi, OR Cellular to ensure proper functionality.

  • How do I cancel my account with FallCall™ Lite?

    You can effectively cancel your account by erasing the FallCall Lite app from your iPhone. All information that was stored on your device will be erased. As a HIPAA Compliant company, FallCall Solutions must maintain a record of all communications on their secure server for a duration of time outlined by HIPAA guidelines. Please refer to our GDPR and HIPAA compliant policy for more details:

  • How do I cancel my Central Monitor subscription with FallCall™ Lite?

    Your FallCall™ Lite can be canceled directly from your iPhone®. Please see the following link for details:

  • Is FallCall™ Lite compatible with Siri®?

    Yes. A Call for Help can be activated using Siri® on Apple Watch®, iPhone® or HomePod®.

    A Help Call can be initiated by saying the following:

    “Hey Siri, open FallCall Lite and send for help!”
    “Hey Siri, send for help using FallCall Lite!”

    Please note: Other phrases may lead to calling 9-1-1.

  • Can I use FallCall™ Lite outside of the United States?

    FallCall™ Lite is NOT intended for use outside the 50 United States. The Central Monitor will not dispatch to areas located outside the 50 United States.

  • Can I use FallCall™ Lite with patients?

    FallCall Lite is not intended for use in “patients” as defined as a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.