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FallCall Solutions Secures New Funding to Bring Personal Emergency Assistant App to Elders & Caregivers on Apple Watch

Trumbull, CT- March 29, 2018 – FallCall Solutions, a Connecticut-based technology startup committed to creating simplified communication solutions for Elders and Caregivers using the Apple ecosystem, announced today that the company has received funding from Connecticut Innovations (CI) through its pre-seed fund to bring its Personal Emergency Assistant app, FallCall Lite, to Elders and their Caregivers exclusively on Apple Watch and iPhone.

“Through this funding, CI has provided us with an incredible opportunity to make our solution available on two of the most popular personal technology devices,” said Shea Gregg, MD, President of FallCall Solutions. “Mobile devices and wearables are changing the way we communicate, and that trend extends to all age groups. Elders are more likely to own an iPhone and Apple Watch today than they were even two years ago, and now they can have our emergency assistant application at their fingertips.”

FallCall Solutions was founded by Dr. Gregg, a practicing trauma surgeon, after observing a growing number of falls among the elder population. While standard Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS, have existed for decades as “help buttons” or lanyards, they are not always worn by Elders and therefore not always readily available in an emergency. Gregg set out to create a service that brings the features of PERS to the Apple Watch with features such as voice activation, enhanced communication with Caregivers, and eventually, “smart” fall detection with machine learning.

“Falls are tragedies, especially when help is not immediately available,” Gregg continued. “They can lead to a loss of independence for so many every year. FallCall Lite will be an innovation in this space to address this problem.”

“FallCall Solutions is addressing a real concern for the geriatric population,” said Douglas Roth, director of investments for Connecticut Innovations. “We look forward to working with FallCall as it develops the app and technology.”

About FallCall Solutions:

FallCall Solutions is a premier innovator in simplified telemonitoring solutions for Elders and their Caregivers. We maximize Elder independence and Caregiver peace of mind. By creating automated and accessible applications on the most accepted current mobile platforms, we can focus solely on the needs of those most vulnerable to falls. For more information, visit