FallCall™ Lite

The first Personal Emergency Assistant designed for Elders and Caregivers, built exclusively for Apple Watch and iPhone. 

FallCall Now™

FallCall Now will be one of the first "smart" fall detectors ever created that is provisionally patented, research-backed and built exclusively for Apple Watch. It has three powerful capabilities: 1) A manual call for help button connecting you to a central monitoring agency 2) An automated fall detector that can distinguish between low and high mechanism falls and call for appropriate tiers of help. 3) A background fall detector that can call for help when a person is unable to. All of these have one goal: to enhance independent living among seniors and peace of mind for caregivers.

ElderCheck Now™

FallCall Solutions, LLC is a company founded by physicians committed to improving the standards of elder care and safety through technology.  FallCall Solutions was established to change communication between caregivers and elders by simplifying the way we interact with the newest technologies. Through the collaboration of physicians and developers, we began building ElderCheck Now in Sept 2015, which we believed would be the foundation of an innovative telemonitoring platform.